Market Update & Outlook webinar

Replay materials

original broadcast: MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2020 @ 4:30 pm et

presenters: ls opportunity fund (lsofx) portfolio management 

During ou
r most recent webinar
, Long Short Advisors CEO, Matt West, interviewed LS Opportunity Fund Portfolio Manager, John Gillespie on a wide range of topics of interest to investors including:

  • Not since 9/11 have we seen insurance pricing firming and getting harder at these valuations.  We have deep expertise here and have nearly 30% of our portfolio invested in the opportunities we are seeing; while at the same time mindful to be hedged to insurance risk in Europe as policy coverage there is not as walled off from COVID exposure.  Not only do we have a tremendous long opportunity, but a sizable short opportunity as well.

  • Canadian Banks are super interesting relative to their US counterparts – high valuations on one end and bad fundamentals on the other, with a lot of other supporting catalysts in between... we are SHORT a number of these names.

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